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People ask me a lot; “Nico, how can I recognise a potential Nomadesk client?” Or “Say, Nico, I want to do something with Nomadesk, but how do I start?"  My answer; Every SMB, small or large, even enterprise, is a potential Nomadesk client. And then it happened, .. Continue

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People ask me a lot; “Nico, how can I recognise a potential Nomadesk client?” Or “Say, Nico, I want to do something with Nomadesk, but how do I start?" My answer; Every SMB, small or large, even enterprise, is a potential Nomadesk client.And then it happened, my partner starts describing the most complicated network situation I’ve ever heard of, and wants to fit Nomadesk in. Because they heard me rattle on about how great, intuitive and secure my product is. Rule #1: SIMPLIFY! Why was the setup that complicated again? Do you even remember? Is that still necessary? Is that still an actual situation or can it be simplified? I say, don’t make it all too difficult, it doesn’t have to be. You’re only making it hard on yourself. Clients who need to replace SBS, you offer them Office 365. I get that, after all, it replaces Exchange and, of course, office applications. Now, here’s the trick; instead of leaving it with that, or settling for that, your add Nomadesk to it. Yes, for the file sharing. Users will be able to access their files and folders fast, browse swiftly through the whole thing as if it were connected to a network share. But that’s not there anymore, that’s legacy. No, now you offer a combined solution. One that constantly evolves. Why is that, I hear you ask? Unlimited storage to begin with. And a dedicated team looking into developing Nomadesk to the needs of our users, day after day, again and again. Companies that need to be able to share one or several files at once with others outside of their company? I’d like to ask you this; Think about some of the companies you do the IT (maintenance) for. What happened before in such a situation? How did they cover that? Let me guess, Mary from the Admin department used her personal Dropbox account, John quickly chose Hightail, because a friend of his cousin used it and liked it and he remembered that, and then you have Peter from Sales using WeTransfer because it’s free. Do you see what doesn’t fit in? There are a couple of things not suited to see appearing in the same sentence here. Company data is being shared, using different and uncontrollable applications. They are “personal accounts” used for sharing with customers or suppliers. Soon a lot of company (sensitive) data is shattered all over the place (read: the internet). This is a situation no IT partner, IT manager or company owner can afford of happening! They aren’t in control of what happens with the data, where it’s uploaded to, where it’s stored, to whom it’s been sent to, … So wipe all those others off the table, from now on you have an alternative covering most of the things users seek in free, personal, uncontrollable and unsafe solutions.Stay in control!With Nomadesk you know, no sorry, I assure you, your clients' data is stored in a secure datacenter in Amsterdam (NL). And sharing is done from the local desktop or a mobile device, with a license owned by the company. This way the administrator keeps track of the who and what in terms of company data. Nomadesk FileLinks or FolderLinks that have been created are listed, centralised and available for every user. They aren’t static, which means you can modify, revoke or delete them at any time even after they have been created. The user chooses how flexible or limited he shares data. Even within the group of Nomadesk users (within the same company or even users from other companies) You keep a tight leach if you want to, by choosing “notify me on updates”, it enables a Nomadesk user to keep track of modifications made by others to specific folders or even specific files. So you see, a lot to talk about. And I’m not done yet, no sir! Get in touch with the Ingram Micro Cloud team to learn more about Nomadesk. ( Article Contributor: Nico Bosschaert - Channel Account Manager for Nomadesk