In The Wake of Dorian: Cyber Protection Required for Disaster Preparedness

Given the increase in ransomware and cryptojacking attacks, it’s understandable that IT teams have been working hard on boosting the cybersecurity of their companies. After all, no one wants to contribute to the $11.5 billion in ransomware damages that are expected by.. Continue

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Gaidar Magdanurov

Given the increase in ransomware and cryptojacking attacks, it’s understandable that IT teams have been working hard on boosting the cybersecurity of their companies. After all, no one wants to contribute to the $11.5 billion in ransomware damages that are expected by the end of this year—especially since executives and IT pros are often fired following an attack. Simply put, modern cyberthreats are bad for business and careers.

That’s why Acronis has been saying backup without cybersecurity is no longer enough.

Yet the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian is a stark reminder that natural disasters continue to pose a serious threat to organizational data. So clearly, cybersecurity without backup isn’t enough either.

A recent IDC whitepaper revealed that the emerging IT discipline of cyber protection, which combines proven data protection and cutting-edge cybersecurity, is an effective strategy for guarding your data against both physical and digital threats. This comprehensive approach makes cyber protection the perfect strategy to employ when developing a disaster preparedness plan.

What needs to be protected

Effective disaster preparedness means organizations need to take steps to make sure your customers can stay in business, avoid costly downtime, and eliminate the risk of reputational damage. When planning their protection, companies should focus on the data required to maintain their daily business operations.

This will vary from one organization to the next, but a business owner might want to ensure they have access to legal documents such as:

  • Contracts, incorporation documents and other legal papers
  • Databases of customer data, inventory, etc.
  • Applications and control systems
  • Employee payroll and health insurance information
  • Tax documents

Disaster-proofing business data

Maintaining reliable backups and storing them locally can help with the daily data recovery needs of a business. But when you’re talking about natural disasters, the real threat comes when both the original system and local backups are destroyed.

Whether your region is prone to hurricanes, floods, fires, or wildfires, creating a backup of business-critical data and storing it safely off-site is the only way to ensure the data, applications, and systems can be retrieved once the threat has passed.

Cloud backups not only make creating an off-site copy convenient, but they also provide easy recovery of—and remote access to—this vital data. That way, if a company can’t return to its main office following a natural disaster, they can recover their files and systems to work remotely until things return to normal.

According to IDC, the average cost of an hour of downtime is $250,000, which makes it critical for you to keep any downtime to a minimum.

How companies can protect themselves

If your customers want to be proactive in developing a cyber protection strategy, you can use Acronis Backup to back up individual files or create full image backups. Ultimately, this can easily and efficiently restore everything a business needs to keep running.

It also allows an organization to re-establish its operations more quickly while retaining the trust of its customers and protecting its reputation.

What role can service providers play?

With Acronis Cyber Cloud, service providers can deliver cloud-based backup and disaster recovery services (DR). DR services allow a company to failover to a copy of its systems that’s running in the cloud, enabling operations to recover within a matter of seconds rather than hours or days.

Take a look at the recent IDC white paper, Five Vectors of Cyber Protection, to see how all of Acronis’ solutions can deliver effective cyber protection.

Offer your customers state-of-the-art protection

In addition to the safety and accessibility provided by local and cloud backups, Acronis delivers enterprise-grade encryption and control over data location to ensure end-to-end data privacy. They also include the industry’s only integrated blockchain-based digital notary service, which allows users to certify and verify data authenticity.  

Of course, each solution delivers modern security with Acronis Active Protection, an AI-based anti-ransomware defense that detects and stops attacks in real time, and automatically restores affected files. In 2018 alone, this solution successfully prevented more than 400,000 ransomware attacks.

Acronis Active Protection also detects and stops cryptomining malware attacks. Often called cryptojacking, these attacks steal computer resources to illicitly mine for cryptocurrencies—slowing performance, increasing energy costs, potentially overheating the hardware and often introducing other cyberthreats.

Acronis’ defense is ultra-effective at stopping cryptojacking that an independent testing lab recently revealed Acronis outperformed the vast majority of leading endpoint security solutions, earning Acronis Backup one of three Triple-A ratings awarded in the study.

As you can see, surviving natural disasters like Dorian, the latest cyberattacks and random hardware failure requires careful planning and preparation. Given the comprehensive approach of cyber protection, it has quick become an integral part of modern disaster preparedness.

Join the cyber protection revolution

The Acronis Global Cyber Summit 2019, supported by Ingram Micro, will bring together the world’s largest community of cyber protection professionals for this two-and-a-half-day conference. Held in Miami, FL, from October 13-16, the event will focus on improving the protection of critical data, applications and systems.

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