Top six benefits of cloud-based document sharing and collaboration for business

In order to be a great marketer you have to be a great team player.   Steve Jobs was one of the greatest marketing minds of all time, but he didn’t work in isolation. Jobs’ ideas still needed the full support of some of the best product designers and researchers.. Continue

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collab-cloudIn order to be a great marketer you have to be a great team player.  Steve Jobs was one of the greatest marketing minds of all time, but he didn’t work in isolation. Jobs’ ideas still needed the full support of some of the best product designers and researchers in the world. He acknowledged that a large part of his successes were down to collaboration with other team members, such as Steve Wozniak and Jony Ive, to bring his technology visions to life. Combining varying disciplines can be tricky, as team members and technologies can have different ways of working. For example, ask a Creative Director who has used an iMac for 20 years to start using a Windows PC in order to access the companies on premise shared folders, and the request may not be embraced positively. Such scenarios can end with the employee either withdrawing from collaborative working or relying excessively on the use of email for team sharing. A solution to this challenge is a Cloud-based collaboration tool that is easy to use and works across multiple platforms. “Learn about the top six benefits of cloud based document sharing”  Less wasted time/better productivitySimilar to teleconferencing before it, cloud-based document collaboration is even more beneficial for cutting down on unproductive time, especially if a document necessitates numerous stages of additions, reviews or approvals by several parties. Scheduling meetings or calls to suit everyone, as well as factoring the travel time can be frustrating and wasteful, whereas contributing to the document in the cloud means it can be done at the user’s own pace before a given deadline. Cloud collaboration means that the user can ensure they have the right resources to hand at a convenient time and place – and on any device that works for them at that given time. This is also not just isolated to one business network either – collaborators can work across company lines, geographical borders and industries to get towards a final document, faster – and with more time to dedicate to other priorities. Reduce operational costsCloud services are increasingly becoming subscription-based, operational expenses for businesses as opposed to the capital expenditure associated with on premise software and hardware. Flexible Cloud services allow the customer to buy only what they need - scaling users up and down as required. For both the supplier and the user, billing is transparent and simplified, making it easy to understand exactly what they are getting for their money. Collaboration online helps organisations cut down on various administrative costs such as email server space and couriers. Large documents (such as a video or CAD file) that may previously have crashed email servers or taken time to send via a file sending service such as Hightail can be quickly and easily uploaded to the cloud for anyone with the right invite or access to receive. Bringing down the walls/BYODBring Your Own Device (BYOD) schemes offer a huge opportunity to build a productive team of empowered workers. The nature and increased utilisation of today’s powerful smart devices – phones, wearable tech, tablet computers and laptops – means it would be an obvious strength for a business to exploit. Decision-makers looking to implement a BYOD policy will also be eyeing critical factors such as security, privacy and safety. A safe and secure collaboration platform that is also optimised for mobile devices enables leaders to retain high standards of data governance and compliance as well as lock down and encrypt sensitive company data. Empowering workers with total document controlThe impact that email and sizeable file attachments for collaboration can have on server space, processing performance and file organisation is extensive. Not to mention relying on other collaborative parties to properly name and file a document’s different versions – which is unlikely to happen in most cases. A cloud-based collaboration platform offers an effective, document-centric (instead of email-centric) content management system that empowers workers to take back control of their filing system. Leading document sharing and cloud collaboration tools enable users to tag documents and add content-specific comments, amendments and recommendations. In this way, workers maintain a complete version history, with all extended feedback saved. With some tools users can even go back to previous or even deleted versions if they need it.  Better communication and team buildingCollaboration in the cloud not only promotes better communication with colleagues – especially within virtual teams – but also connection with customers, partners, suppliers, stakeholders and more. Cloud collaboration enables workers to become better at clearly communicating what they want, what they expect and what they will do. A quality collaboration tool that is utilised by all of the relevant stakeholders will enable contributors to comment on and annotate documents without needing to move the document into another silo to do so, meaning that authors get speedy and clear feedback in real time. Tools which can be paired with Microsoft’s Office 365 can speed up collaboration amongst teams in mobile, virtual or office based work teams. It offers a secure and centralised location for users to efficiently collaborate in workloads across multiple devices, anytime and anywhere.  Convert the wasted time and energy from the commute into increased productivity.Many of us face long commutes in our daily lives – either to business meetings or to our place of work. In 2015, approximately one in every 14 EU workers commuted between different regions in the same country. As Cloud technologies are embraced more rapidly by businesses of all sizes, employers are able to leverage new technologies that help their teams actually improve collaboration, in a virtual environment.   Dropbox Business is a collaboration tool that addresses all of these challenges and capitalises on the opportunities presented. Dropbox Business helps your company grow without limits, while you maintain complete control over important company information and user activity and take teamwork to the next level in a collaborative environment that is not impacted by distance   Businesses can take advantage of flexible storage plans to ensure its team has the right space needed to for productivity that works for its people.   To find out more about Dropbox Business, contact our team of Cloud Specialists on 0371 973 3060 and talk collaboration in the Cloud.