3 Ways AvePoint Helps Grow Your Business with Modern Workplace Accelerate

Headquartered in New Jersey, independent software vendor AvePoint has been developing its cloud migration software and professional expertise for almost two decades. With more than 16,000 enterprise customers globally and over 6 million supported Office 365 users, it’.. Continue

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John Dusett

Headquartered in New Jersey, independent software vendor AvePoint has been developing its cloud migration software and professional expertise for almost two decades. With more than 16,000 enterprise customers globally and over 6 million supported Office 365 users, it’s one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

Meanwhile, at Ingram Micro, we’ve introduced Modern Workplace Accelerate, a new program designed to serve as the industry’s best resource and roadmap for building and running a successful cloud business. This program simplifies the complexity of cloud for managed service providers (MSPs).

With exclusive services, trainings, promotions, advice, support and more, partners can achieve depth and scale with their Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 offerings.

Now, the two technology powerhouses are teaming up to form a solid global relationship with AvePoint taking its position as the exclusive migration and backup solution provider of the Modern Workplace Accelerate Program.

Under this partnership, MSPs who qualify under the Modern Workplace Accelerate Program will now have access to exclusive discounts on AvePoint’s solutions to migrate, manage and back up data in Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Through the acceleration program developed specifically for digital transformation, here are three ways AvePoint solutions can help you grow your business:

#1: Migration solutions for a better customer experience

AvePoint helps partners deliver best-in-class solutions to migrate customer data. And there are several ways to take advantage of all the built-in features to provide a truly seamless migration of your customers’ workloads.

Use the real-time dashboards to monitor migration progress and view the number of migrated items, the volume of migrated content and the status of your migration jobs. You can also identify issues before they stall your project by using the one-click analysis to generate detailed, visual reports on source environments.

Drag and drop content to Office 365 with full fidelity in real time or schedule it in batches. Plus, choose between migrating an unlimited amount of data for a single tenant or up to 1TB of data per tenant for unlimited tenants per yearly license.

AvePoint’s migration solutions provide a host of benefits, enabling you to provide the best migration experience to your customers.

#2: Management solutions for ultimate efficiency

Seamlessly migrating a customer to cloud works well if the support and maintenance afterward is just as exceptional. With AvePoint’s solutions to manage data, it is.

AvePoint offers a centralized management of security, settings, configurations and content in Office 365 through a single interface, simplifying the process. And you can generate reports on global team sites to track any unauthorized changes, allowing you to respond accordingly.

Generate audit reports across an entire Office 365 environment as well as a user activity report to audit all user activities through the Office 365 Activity Management API. You can also monitor for out-of-policy changes and set up an auto-notification alert.

Using these management tools, you can maximize workflow efficiency so it’s the standard not only for your customers’ business but also for your own.

#3: Backup solutions for your peace of mind

Data protection is an investment your customers should never compromise on. Fortunately, AvePoint has everything you need to make sure their data is safe and secure. For one year, you can retain 100% of your data, and run automatic backups up to four times a day so the latest version is always saved.

If restoration is needed, you can perform item-level, full-fidelity recovery for all content. You’ll also have the ability to export and restore content directly outside of Office 365, such as mail items to PST and documents to file share.

What’s more, you can restore content and conversations not just to its original location, but to any mailbox, cloud drive or site. And, based on properties, you can identify content for a quick restore. Plus, you can securely store Office 365 backup data with unlimited cloud backup to eliminate any worry about capacity planning.

With such concentrated backup and protection, your customers can rest assured their data preserved.

Bringing it all together

Specifically built for MSPs who manage multiple clients and tenants, AvePoint’s easy-to-use SaaS solutions provide easy access to the tools your customers need to collaborate securely while increasing their productivity.

With the help of Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, MSPs can access and deploy enterprise-class functionality in seconds, using the same solutions leveraged by the biggest brands and six million cloud users around the world.

With the help of the Ingram Micro Marketplace, MSPs can access and deploy these easy-to-use, enterprise-class SaaS solutions in seconds and start growing their Microsoft cloud business.”

Tianyi Jiang, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, AvePoint

The AvePoint and Ingram Micro relationship means MSPs from anywhere in the world can guarantee their clients receive the highest level of Office 365 protection, privacy and control available.

Are you ready to accelerate your cloud business? Learn more about AvePoint’s exclusive discounts under the Modern Workplace Accelerate program.