APS Connect accelerates cloud service deployment and onboarding with self-service tools and framework that provide a simple, fast, and cost-effective way for ISVs and technology partners to offer new services through the Ingram Micro Cloud.

aps connect

APS Connect is a new, fast way to integrate cloud services with the Ingram Micro platform.

  • Enables rapid development to test market readiness prior to investments

  • Quicker publishing time through guided process

  • Simplified steps and self-service tools to integrate using the APS standard

  • Built for developers (vendors) and distributors (service providers)

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“The number one reason why we partnered with Ingram Micro was because of the reach. And we are beginning to see that come to fruition throughout the globe. Your reach is beyond what we expected and now we are working these plans to take advantage of that reach. We see reach, we see velocity, we see volume, we see everything.”

Scott Owen, Sr. Managing Director, Global Strategic Channels, DocuSign
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Dramatically faster time to market

  • Grow new channels to maximize reach

  • Acts as a springboard and sandbox — enabling developers to learn by doing

  • Easily integrate once and distribute through Ingram Micro Cloud ecosystem

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Accelerate onboarding and time to market with your solutions

  • Decrease cost and time to market using API-based integration and self-onboard services

  • Simple to quickly estimate overall integration development time

  • Test market readiness prior to investments, providing a continuum to expand services on previous integrations seamlessly

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Streamlined lifecycle management

  • Testing multiple versions and deployment in multiple marketplaces is simplified with APS Connect

  • Discover complementary offerings to ensure applications work together and can be easily sold together

  • Simply update the APS package and partners can elect to apply the update without custom development