Rohit Shanker

“Working with Ingram Micro Cloud to leverage Microsoft products, we were able to clearly assess and map our cloud journey to scale our business efficiently and effectively.”

Rohit Shanker
President and CEO

Inovex is a leading data technology solutions vendor focused on machine learning data visualization platforms as well as creating digital transformation solutions for enterprises and SMEs across Canada and the United States. Powered by years of industry insight to support innovation and operational efficiency, Inovex helps businesses integrate technology and custom cloud solutions that leverage data science, including Canvass Fleet for fleet management and the Canvass Health platform.

Computer Software


To help customers achieve their digital transformation goals, Inovex was searching for a single platform to build single-tenant solutions. Inovex also needed targeted support to identify the right Azure deployment methodology, discounted pricing, and sponsorship to help their customers access Microsoft resources to further grow their businesses and expand their reach.


Since 2016, Ingram Micro Cloud has been a trusted partner for Inovex, helping them build their Canvass suite of solutions, fully powered by Microsoft Azure cloud services. The company gained valuable resources through Ingram Micro Cloud’s Activate program and the Azure platform that enabled them to simplify its technology implementation across all clients.


  • Grew annual profit by 25% since moving to the Azure platform
  • Simplified technology implementation across all clients
  • Optimized operations to lower cost of sales and increase revenue
  • Integrated data engineering, machine learning, and AI into cloud solutions