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Jan 18


Canadian Partners: Amazon Web Services is Now Available

Canadian Partners: Amazon Web Services is Now Available

Ingram Micro Cloud is excited to announce the availability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to our Canadian partners. Canadian IT partners can now build a profitable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) practice using the AWS Cloud and Ingram Micro Cloud’s certified resources and partner enablement programs.

Jul 12


IaaS Blog

10 Ways Infrastructure as a Service is Enabling Excellent Customer Experiences

Fine-tuning cloud infrastructure for greater speed, scale and security delivers excellent customer experiences. Cloud applications’ graphical user interfaces, intuitive navigation and mobile-first responsive designs are pervasive today. Born-in-the-cloud enterprise apps are setting a new standard for usability and ease-of-use, with adoption accelerating quickly as a result. Despite rapid user experience gains, however, cloud application performance is unpredictable, slow and unreliable.

Jun 21


The 6 Key Stages of Your IaaS Sales Cycle

The 6 Key Stages of Your IaaS Sales Cycle

Channel partners routinely look at the $35 billion Infrastructure a as Service (IaaS) run-rate and conclude that their role in this opportunity has been bypassed. Many partners have struggled to overcome this challenge for years but, fortunately, an emerging opportunity has accelerated channel growth, allowing for the capture of managed services, professional services and IaaS consumption.

Over the past decade, end users that have typically relied on resellers as their trusted advisor have now established direct relationships with IaaS companies including Microsoft, AWS, IBM and now Google. In many of these cases, end users have multiple public cloud accounts that have been deployed under a form of shadow IT. These environments have grown significantly over the past 3-5 years, but they have not been fully optimized to leverage the efficiencies of IaaS, resulting in end users being over budget and hard pressed to find savings.

Jul 28


Key Considerations for Your IaaS Strategy

The last thing a CIO wants to worry about when working to improve an organization, is the ability to keep pace with the needs of innovation and competitive pressure. One of the ways to avoid the stress is to consider Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). IaaS can be looked at as simply infrastructure, which every […]

Feb 07


Sometimes Following The Herd Is A Good Idea

SMB owners are flocking to leverage cloud computing, and for once, I think being a follower is a good thing. The reasons are simple: if you’re running an SMB, it is all about cash flow. So many businesses stall out just as they get started because of the investments needed to start a business – […]

Jan 17


Finding Your Way Through The Cloud Legal Maze

From the beginning of the cloud trend, legal questions have swirled around cloud and the contracts signed between cloud providers, solution providers and even end users. Recently, researchers nailed down some of those elusive legal concerns and published their findings in the Stanford Technology Law Review. Thankfully, the folks at Forbes actually read that document, […]

Jan 04


Lessons from Amazon Outage

Christmas Eve left some folks at Amazon Web Services with coal in their stockings after Netflix, famously hosted on AWS, went black for much of Dec. 24, a problem the cloud services provider blamed on its load balancing infrastructure. While quickly resolved, the outage led to a flurry of complaints across social media sites, and […]

Dec 27


Where Will Platform-as-a-Service Go Next Year?

The potential around PaaS will continue to expand next year, especially as cloud services providers as well as solution providers, VARs and system integrators get the hang of how and where PaaS works best for end users. As everyone gets more comfortable and knowledge about PaaS, expect to see more widespread adoption, particular to resolve […]

Dec 19


Your Customers Don’t Even Know What’s In The Cloud

Let me set the scene: You are a solution provider, let’s say a managed services provider, supporting an SMB with about 150 seats. You secure their on-premises data, monitor their infrastructure, run their BDR, and are helping them prepare to take some content to the cloud. Then suddenly, that customer’s sole IT guy says: I […]

Nov 30


What Six Elements Of Cloud Management Can You Offer Customers?

There has been much buzz about the momentum being gained by infrastructure as a service (IaaS) now that most IT decision makers have their brains wrapped around Software as a Service (SaaS) and other basic cloud offerings. In fact, according to a recent article in Wired, Gartner says IaaS is already a $6 billion market and […]