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Mar, 16

Ingram Micro Adds Acronis to Cloud Marketplace in Switzerland

It only takes 82 seconds for someone to get swindled and become a victim of malware-laced spam email, according to a recent report by Verizon.* With companies struggling to fend off the increasing volume and complexity of today’s data threats, many are now turning to the cloud to protect their sensitive data and workloads. In […]


Jun, 13

Will The NSA’s PRISM Scandal Put Your Cloud Sales On Hold?

Many reading this are probably already well aware of the damaging news the super-secretive National Security Agency suffered recently, when details about the NSA’s PRISM program was leaked by former NSA IT contractor, Edward Snowden, who alleged that the agency collects and stores phone records of millions of Americans. Much more hair-raising were the follow-up […]

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