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Jul, 15

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security Now Available on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

Trend Micro Hosted Email Security recently made its debut on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. For Ingram Micro Cloud channel partners, the availability of this solution is timely, since many companies are seeing the rise of spam and phishing attacks. Most of these attacks are categorized as spear-phishing, which according to Trend Micro is the […]


Jun, 15

Cloud University Live Interview: Silo Security

Cyber-security continues to be a hot topic in the news. This month, we learned that both the United States government and security company Kaspersky were victims of a security breach. The former saw a theft of social security numbers for all their employees, while the latter was on the receiving end of an extremely sophisticated […]


Jun, 15

How to Convince Your Customers to Adopt Cloud Security and Manage their Technology

In the past year, security has become a hot topic in the technology industry. With so much confidential, personal, and financial data being transferred for business purposes, cyber criminals are foaming at the mouth to get their hands on sensitive information. What used to be confined to just a few industries, such as finance and […]


May, 15

Corporate Marketing Requires Cybersecurity

You are an IT reseller.  You understand the need for security.  You evangelize the necessity for protecting data. Undoubtedly, most resellers have not discussed their own organization’s cybersecurity plan.  Do you even have a plan?  It is a constant challenge to protect your hard-earned corporate branding and professional integrity when cyber attacks are waiting to […]

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