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The Ingram Micro Referral Program

Instantly become a cloud solution provider without devoting resources to ecommerce setup costs, billing, onboarding or managing customer support questions.


Complete billing and end-client support

  • We manage end-client customer support so partners can focus on their core business.
  • We handle billing and invoicing to eliminate the headaches associated with the accounting process.


Simplified commissions and reporting

  • Two flexible commission plans: Choose from lump-sum payment or ongoing monthly recurring revenue (MRR).
  • Earn commissions on every purchase to increase monthly and yearly revenue and margins.
  • Sales data and usage reports provide insight into your cloud services performance.


Easy-to-use partner portal

  • Download custom-coded banners and links to track orders for accurate payments.
  • Update or edit your commission options.
  • Review account activity to analyze sales information and view commission details.


Increase revenue

  • This program is a plug-and-play solution that can be profitable with minimal setup and maintenance costs.
  • We provide customized links and banners for your website, handle all billing and onboarding and provide L1 customer support for end clients.
  • As an option, you can take the first support call from the end client and escalate to our customer support, if necessary.

How It Works

Add a unique URL to your site

End client makes purchases

You receive a commission

When you take advantage of the Cloud Referral program you will be issued a series of standard Web banners coded with unique identifier URL that can be featured prominently on your website. When your end client clicks on a banner they will not only be diverted to a site that provides additional information and a shopping cart to make purchases, but the order will be logged and tracked to ensure commissions are verified and paid appropriately.

If you prefer, you can also place cloud solutions orders for your clients, by typing your unique partner URL into a standard Web browser and placing an order using the client’s credentials and credit card information.

Two Flexible Commission Options


Choose a lump-sum, 12-month commission on seats sold at 7% of MSRP commission rate.  This flat fee is paid out fully after 90 days at 84% of the first month revenue.


Choose a recurring commission on all seats sold at 7%, paid monthly. Your first payment will be made after 30 days and every 30 days after that for the life of the subscription.


10 seats



COLOR SCHEME Unlimited color options are avaliable via Options Panel.