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The Ingram Micro Referral Program

The Cloud Referral Program is for organizations that want to sell Cloud Services while avoiding one or more of the requirements found in the traditional resale model. With Microsoft eliminating the Advisor Sell incentives for Office 365 (effective October 1), this program provides partners with a similar program even more profitable than the expiring Advisor model.

Features & Benefits

Complete billing and end-client support

We handle billing and invoicing to eliminate the headaches and risks associated with the accounting process.

Flexible end-user support options

Your choice: we can manage end-client customer support calls or, if you’d like, you can take first call.

Simplified commissions and reporting

Earn monthly commissions based on invoiced monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Earn commissions on every purchase to increase monthly and yearly profit.

Easy Cloud Referral partner portal

Download custom-coded banners and links to track orders and easily determine your commissions payout.

Increased Profit

Earn Microsoft incentive rebates plus Ingram Micro commissions. Between those two sources, partners who adopt our Referral Program will realize 15% of invoiced amount on all Microsoft services!

How It Works

Add a unique URL to your site

End client makes purchases

You receive a commission

When you take advantage of the Cloud Referral program you will be issued a series of standard Web banners coded with unique identifier URL that can be featured prominently on your website. When your end client clicks on a banner they will not only be diverted to a site that provides additional information and a shopping cart to make purchases, but the order will be logged and tracked to ensure commissions are verified and paid appropriately.

If you prefer, you can also place cloud solutions orders for your clients, by typing your unique partner URL into a standard Web browser and placing an order using the client’s credentials and credit card information.

Earn double commissions (14%) on all subscription sales made through the Cloud Referral Program!

Sign up to the Ingram Micro Cloud Referral Program and earn double commissions (14%) from now until June 30, 2017 on subscriptions/licenses purchased between July 10th – September 30th that are associated with their  referral account.

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