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Proofpoint Essentials delivers advanced threat protection, compliance and discovery technologies for your small and medium business customers.

Protect your customers from email threats including phishing, malware, spam, and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content with Proofpoint Essentials, the dedicated email security solution for SMEs. This cloud based enterprise-class Email Security, Continuity, Encryption & Archiving product is designed specifically for SMEs, backed by Proofpoint’s best-of-breed security & infrastructure and provided at a price that delivers value and cost-savings.

The Features

  • Robust Anti-spam & Multi-layered Anti-virus.
  • Advanced Protection against Malicious URLs and attachments
  • Secure sensitive data leaving the organization
  • Intelligent Content Filtering.
  • Search and eDiscovery Cloud Email Archive.
  • Redeliver any inbound email lost or deleted in the last 30 days.
  • Protection of Social Media properties from spam and malware
  • Emergency Inbox for 24/7 Email Continuity
  • A clean, easily navigated interface.
  • Single login for complete admin control.
  • Automated provisioning.
  • Multi-level management options.

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