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Odin Automation Essentials


Gain the Competitive Advantage
Odin Automation Essentials is a comprehensive, easy-to-manage cloud services automation solution that enables small and mid-size cloud service providers and channel partners to effectively deliver cloud and hosting solutions through one platform.


Expand your cloud business easily and deploy Microsoft CSP services within a day. With OA Essentials you can sell and bundle Microsoft Office 365 with your existing products and services, to maximize revenue opportunities and grow your business. With any one of three editions of OA Essentials you have complete control of this on-premise automation and billing and hosting solution, whether it’s integrating with existing provisioning systems or deploying your own payment and domain plugins.

OA Essentials Features

  • Supports 1– Tier CSP Partners (2-Tier coming soon)
  • On-Premises, Self-Managed Platform
  • Self-Branded
  • Hours to Deploy
  • 11 Domain Registration Plugins
  • 10 Payment Plugins
  • Capable of SDK Plugins
  • Wide Range of Hosting Services
  • Integrates with Existing Services
  • Add Services without Coding
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Coming soon: Shared Hosting by Plesk Panel
  • Coming soon: VPS Hosting by Virtuozzo
  • Coming soon: SSL Certificates

Cloud Reseller Edition Hosting Provider Edition Cloud Provider Edition
Availability In Beta / Expected Launch July 2016 Expected to Launch 2016 H2 Available Today
Best Suited For Cloud Resellers, CSP 2-Tier Reseller Hosting Service Provider, CSP 2-Tier Reseller Cloud Service Providers, CSP 1-Tier Partner
Reseller Support Fee Free Free Free for Platform and Ingram Micro Solutions
CSP Services Through Ingram Micro Cloud Reseller Program Through Ingram Micro Cloud Reseller Program Direct or Through Ingram Micro Cloud Reseller Program (optional)
SaaS Services Coming Soon Coming Soon Direct or Through Ingram Micro Cloud Reseller Program (optional)
White Label Resellers N/a Coming Soon Coming Soon
Shared, VSP Hosting Services N/a Coming Soon Coming Soon
Number of Accounts Supported Up to 30,000 Up to 30,000 Up to 30,000


Manage All Aspects of Your Cloud Services Delivery

Manage all stages of the customer lifecycle and automation including order management, provisioning, billing, and end-to-end customer lifecycle management of cloud service delivery. It receives orders from your self-branded online storefront, as well as provisions services, bills customers for services and collects customer payment.  OA Essential provides a simplified end user experience with a single login control panel, to manage your entire cloud service business.

Flexible Business Models

With CSP 1-Tier and 2-Tier reseller support (2nd Tier coming soon) OA Essentials is a powerful product that enables you to enter the cloud market quickly and effectively. You not only have the ability to bring in your own services but you can also include your existing 1st -Tier vendor contracts and relationships into your store.

Go-To-Market Faster

You can dramatically accelerate your go-to-market strategy with CSP services with end-to-end automation. OA Essentials Cloud Provider Edition allows you to eliminate the added expense, time and resources needed to build a cloud practice on your own. You can be ready to sell and provision cloud services to your customers in less than 5 hours.

Own the Customer Lifecycle

OA Essentials provides many opportunities for partners to own the complete customer lifecycle while cross-selling their integrated value-added services. The sale doesn’t need to end with selling Microsoft CSP, you can offer additional services that are distinct to your company and specific to your customer base. You can streamline your service delivery and monetize every customer interaction on a single scalable platform while maintaining control of the customer experience and data.

Platform for Cross-sell and Up-Sell

OA Essentials is easy to customize and integrate with your existing on-premises services and back-end systems. Proven platform for cross-sell, up-sell, and multi-channel selling based on rich ecosystem and in-context selling.

COLOR SCHEME Unlimited color options are avaliable via Options Panel.