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Category: Virtual Machines


Jul, 15

Cloud Containers – The IaaS Trend to Watch

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the hardware and software that powers the cloud. IT organizations adopt IaaS solutions to save money and get on-demand resources for their computing, storage, desktop, and networking needs. IaaS is also scalable and frees IT from having to make significant system upgrades on their own. The world of IaaS […]


Oct, 14

Are You Tired of One-Size-Fits-All Cloud Services?

Choice is the key to customer success. In its 2014 IT Industry Outlook, CompTIA discusses how the demand for cloud-based solutions is forcing IT solution providers to examine their current business models. Customers are looking for agile cloud solutions that can quickly and easily be reconfigured or replaced to meet the needs of their ever-changing […]

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