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Nov, 15

Selling MDM: It’s Easier Than You Think

Mobile device management (MDM) has shifted from a luxury service to a must-have. But while you may understand the necessity, your clients probably do not. So, how do you make the sale? Explain the Risks You and I get it. The risks of unprotected mobile devices accessing your clients’ networks should not be ignored. Trouble […]


Oct, 15

Better Understand Your Customers’ Needs with Follow-Me-Home

During my first years as a product manager at Intuit, I was introduced to an important technique called “Follow-Me-Home.” Around the same time I discovered the concept of Genchi Genbutsu. This Japanese phrase translates to “go and see [for yourself]” and has been referenced in great books I’ve read such as The Toyota Way and […]


Sep, 15

Plating Your IT Service Offering

The latest television craze at my house is the Food Network. I often come home to find my wife and kids fascinated by the variety of cooking shows that have been turned into game shows. One favorite is “Chopped”, where contestants are given the challenge to create an entrée in 30 minutes using several seemingly […]


Aug, 15

My Clients Won’t Pay That

When I’m helping IT service providers build out their pricing model, almost everyone says the same thing. I’ve heard similar stories from just about every market, and from companies in every stage of the business lifecycle. In Manhattan where the streets are supposedly paved with gold and service providers can charge more than anywhere else […]


Jul, 15

A Proven Approach to Convert Your Break-Fix Clients to Managed Services

Everyone needs support. But if you’re not meeting your customers’ support needs, they’ll find someone who will. When I think back on my own MSP business, I remember alienating more than a few potential customers during our transition from break-fix, because we were only offering managed services plans. But some customers just aren’t ready for […]


Jun, 15

5 Bad Onboarding Habits That Destroy New Client Relationships

I remember my very first date. I spent two weeks planning every detail to make sure it was perfect. I knew that a great strategy could turn one date into a long-lasting relationship. I also knew that the wrong moves could wind up in a pretty ugly ending. Onboarding a new client is no different. […]

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