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Sep, 15

Partner Success Story: Heartland Technology Services Drives Customer Success with Ingram Micro Service Desk

Longevity in the technology industry is difficult to achieve, but Heartland Technology Services (HTS) has managed to make it work, surviving two recessions, the dot-com burst, and Y2K. Their strategy is to adapt to evolving industries and change. When cloud computing emerged several years ago, HTS recognized the immediate benefits and entered into the cloud […]


Aug, 15

Ingram Micro Service Desk Q&A

Excellent customer service is essential to any successful cloud business, and Ingram Micro is committed to offering value-driven support services to channel partners. Our support capabilities come with over 15 years of customer services experience gained through our acquisition of SoftCom, a global cloud services provider. Our ability to deliver value-driven support services, combined with […]


Jul, 15

Ingram Micro Launches Cloud Marketplace in New Zealand

This week, Ingram Micro announced the debut of a new Cloud Marketplace in New Zealand. Featuring Office 365 on a fully automated Cloud Marketplace, Ingram Micro enables channel partners to increase profitability by bundling their own cloud services and consolidating invoicing. The Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace is also backed by a suite of migration and […]


Mar, 15

Ingram Micro Cloud Program Updates

Ingram Micro Cloud is excited to share the latest announcements with our partners: New Additions to the Cloud Marketplace Within the past six months, we’ve added the following new services to the Cloud Marketplace: Microsoft Office 365 (with SkyKick’s Office 365 Migration Suite and Service Desk). We’re also now selling “The Business Family,” a new […]


Feb, 15


The Ingram Micro Service Desk 411 with Zafar Subzwari, Cloud Solutions Manager, Ingram Micro

Zafar Subzwari, Cloud Solutions Manager, Ingram Micro Recently, the Ingram Micro Service Desk offering became available to Ingram Micro’s partners. To get a few more details about this new partner service, I reached out to Zafar Subzwari, Cloud Solutions Manager at Ingram Micro. Following is a summary of our conversation. Q: What exactly is the Ingram […]


Feb, 15

Ingram Micro’s Jason Bystrak to Present “Simplifying Success in the Cloud” at InterConnect 2015

Jason Bystrak, Executive Director — North America, Ingram Micro Cloud IBM InterConnect 2015, a new event that connects three popular IBM conferences — Impact, Innovate, and Pulse — will take place at the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay Convention Centers February 22-26, 2015. This year’s event is projected to draw more than 20,000 attendees looking […]

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