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Mar, 16

Cloud Marketplace just got Better

As part of our ongoing commitment to better support your business, we are continuously making functional and usability enhancements to the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace to simplify your success in the cloud. Key Cloud Marketplace Enhancements Invoice Enhancements: You spoke and we listened. Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace has made some exciting enhancements to the look […]


Feb, 16

Realize the Business Advantage with Dun & Bradstreet

Modern businesses often face the challenge of converting data into actionable information that can translate into revenue-building opportunities. While mastering the process of client research, lead generation, and compliance tracking is very time consuming, it’s necessary for business growth and success. According to Dell’s 2015 annual Global Technology Adoption Index, companies who invested in new […]


Feb, 16

Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Updates – February

Ingram Micro Cloud is excited to announce some amazing new features to the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, as part of our ongoing commitment to improve the functionality and usability that will better support your business. Shopping Cart Enhancement The Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace now provides partners with a more simplified and seamless shopping experience. The […]


Jan, 16

Ingram Micro Announces Expanded Availability of IBM Cloud On the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

As cloud computing continues to shake up the IT services market, it’s clear the future of infrastructure will be dominated by the cloud. According to recent IDC figures, cloud IT infrastructure spending will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.6% and will reach $54.6 billion by 2019—accounting for almost half of the […]


Dec, 15

Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Updates

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve the functionality and usability of the marketplace we will be periodically sending Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Updates to our partners to keep you informed.  Below are some of the key Cloud Marketplace enhancements that have been recently made to help simplify your success in the cloud. Cloud […]


Oct, 15

Control all your work from one central starting point with Workspace 365

This week, Ingram Micro announced the availability of Workspace 365 on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. The platform helps businesses transition their collaborative needs into the cloud, integrating web, Windows, and business applications alongside Office 365. The availability of Workspace 365, developed by New Day at Work, is a timely technology offering, as cloud’s impact […]


May, 15


Choose the Best Endpoint Security Solution for You and Your Customers

The fact that malware has evolved to the point where it’s now being used to hold systems ransom is just one reason pointing to why IT solution providers are able to realize lucrative recurring revenue protecting clients from today’s cyber threats. With so many offerings to choose from, it can be difficult to know which endpoint security solution […]


Apr, 15


SNP Technologies Goes “All In” With Cloud Solutions and Services

Prakash Parikh, COO, SNP Technologies It’s hard to fathom that systems integrator and CSP (cloud services provider) SNP Technologies was selling on-premise tape backup and network security solutions just five years ago. I recently spoke with Prakash Parikh, COO of SNP Technologies, who remembers the turning point clearly. “We realized that cloud computing was going […]


Mar, 15


Ingram Cloud Summit Tuesday Wrap-Up: The Key to Winning with Cloud Marketplace

Slight of hand, power of suggestion, or just pure magic? You decide. Before I share an important takeaway from the 2015 Ingram Micro Cloud Summit, I have to say for the record that I’ve never spoken with this year’s emcee, mentalist Craig Karges, before being called up on stage this morning. How he was able to exactly replicate […]


Mar, 15


Cloud Summit 2015 — Day #2 Recap (How Ingram Helps Rainmakers Thrive)

The 2015 Ingram Micro Cloud Summit shifted into high gear this morning beginning with Renée Bergeron, Vice President, Global Cloud Computing, describing what a huge opportunity the cloud is for the channel (e.g. the U.S. alone represents a $35 billion addressable market) followed by offering practical ways Ingram Micro is enabling its partners to make […]

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