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Nov 05


Super Charge Your Business

During a recent event, I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by Gary Pica, owner of TruMethods, a business coaching business focused on the managed services space. I always enjoy Gary’s breakouts for a couple reasons. First, he’s funny – and that goes a long way to keeping an audience engaged. Second, he […]

Nov 02


Is Canada Anti-Cloud?

Having spent much of last week in Montreal, I was intrigued to see this article in Forbes: The Sorry State of Cloud Computing in Canada. I had hoped that the fact our WiFi and Internet in the hotel was abysmal was just a reflection on the locale, but according to this article, Canada is struggling […]

Nov 01


More Tips for 2013 Success

Last week was a busy one for me — I hit two channel events in two countries! OK, I will admit I was only in Boston and Montreal, but still … I had the opportunity to hear a lot of chatter and some great advice. So first, from Gavin Garbutt, CEO for N-able Technologies, who […]