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Dec 24


What’s New In The Cloud? Our Best (Educated) Guesses

As many of you gather to celebrate the holidays, I would like to believe you stop thinking – perhaps for a day – about cloud. That said, business must go on, holidays or not, so if you want to consider next year and where and how cloud will evolve, I have some insight from the […]

Dec 21


Lessons From NASA Cloud Project

You simply can’t ignore an article that kicks off like this: “When NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Mars at the end of its 563 million kilometre journey, it was a triumph for engineering. And it was also a triumph for IT.” Gotcha, right? The story of how cloud played a role in this monumental NASA […]

Dec 20


Locking Up The Cloud – Beyond Data Security

As one of the leaders in the cloud, Rackspace has amassed an impressive amount of insight on cloud, hosted infrastructure, hosted storage, security and more. The vendor also has one of the most informative blog series I’ve found when it comes to best practices in the cloud. This blog, The Many Faces of Cloud Security, […]