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Dec 19


Your Customers Don’t Even Know What’s In The Cloud

Let me set the scene: You are a solution provider, let’s say a managed services provider, supporting an SMB with about 150 seats. You secure their on-premises data, monitor their infrastructure, run their BDR, and are helping them prepare to take some content to the cloud. Then suddenly, that customer’s sole IT guy says: I […]

Dec 18


What Are CIOs Thinking About Besides Cloud In 2013?

Big data. Infrastructure. Hybrids. Virtualization. Mobile. Cost savings. All that is good news. That old adage – with mystery comes margin, should be top of mind for successful solution providers in 2013. All those challenging technologies that CIOs are fussing and mussing with, they are complex. They stretch the capacity of most IT departments, but […]

Dec 17


Lesson For 2013: Don’t Think Small

I stumbled onto this quirky little column a couple weeks ago, written by Jason Lemkin for CloudAve.com. Jason is the founder and CEO of EchoSign, a SaaS company that was eventually acquired by Adobe, so he understands the mind of a business owner that starts small with goals of going big. His column is about […]