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AWS & Microsoft Partnership


AWS & Microsoft Partnership


Whether running Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange, or custom .NET applications, customers can rely on the reliable, secure global infrastructure of Amazon Web Services to easily run any Microsoft Windows Server applications in the cloud. Without the cost and complexity of purchasing servers or managing data centers, you have more resources to focus on your solution providing value to your customers.


AWS provides pre-configured machine images (AMIs), which enable customers to start running fully supported Windows Server virtual machine instances in minutes. You have a choice of many versions of the software, with or without SQL Server. By using one of our AMIs, the Microsoft software licensing is handled by AWS and included in the monthly bill. For other licensing options, and details about how to run other Microsoft software on AWS, please see our Microsoft License Mobility page.



Benefits of running Windows on AWS


Reduce Costs

The AWS Cloud is designed to deliver the resources needed to support Microsoft enterprise applications and workloads, with efficient pricing. It eliminates the hassle of overprovisioning and buying hardware you don’t need.


Fast Performance

AWS provides many instance types and storage options to tailor a solution to your needs. Amazon EBS volumes now use SSD by default.


Easy Deployment

You can get started quickly with Windows Server virtual machine images, as well as many other publicly available, pre-configured virtual machines images that are pre-bundled with Microsoft products.



AWS provides a secure, durable and scalable global infrastructure designed to support rigorous Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint environments.



Customer Case Studies:


Dole Foods


To learn more about the AWS Microsoft partnership, click here.

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