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Welcome to Ingram Micro Cloud

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Ingram Micro delivers a broad and deep spectrum of technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world. Founded in 1979, Ingram Micro’s role as a leader and innovator in technology and supply chain solutions has fueled its rise as a global leader doing business in 160 countries on six continents supported by more than 30,000 associates.

Today, Ingram Micro remains at the forefront of the global technology marketplace, bringing the latest products and services to market and finding new ways to bring value to its customers. The company supports global operations through an extensive sales and distribution network throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Ingram Micro Cloud is a global division of Ingram Micro, with more than 1,500 dedicated cloud specialists worldwide. Among this large pool of expertise includes more than 400 cloud sales associates and 700 engineers. As a cloud service provider, Ingram Micro views cloud not just as a single technology, but as a foundational platform to run and drive a whole new way of doing business.

An Ecosystem Where Everyone Thrives

By leveraging a series of recent acquisitions, together with existing assets of more than 200,000 resellers, 4,000 hosters, 300 telcos, US$46 billion dollars in global revenue and deep relationships with the world’s leading cloud vendors, we have broadened our addressable market and built the largest cloud ecosystem in the world, where everyone thrives.

We start by simplifying the commercial relationships with leading vendors so our partners don’t have to deal with hundreds of contracts, terms and negotiations. Then, we integrate all cloud solutions into a single source to make it easy to consume, manage and sell on an automated basis. We help define those offerings into marketable products, evaluating the pricing, service plans and operations to ensure our partners are selling the most comprehensive solutions on the market.

Next, we help securely migrate existing customers to the cloud, simplify the entire billing process with a single consolidated invoice for all cloud services and provide a single point of contact for technical support. All of this is automated and managed through a centrally accessible and easy-to-use interface for partners and end-users.

In addition, our ecosystem continuously cultivates growth through global awareness campaigns, educational tools and events and high-conversion lead generation. This helps resellers quickly evolve and achieve new levels of success, while preserving their relationships as trusted IT advisors to end customers.

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Transforming Business with Cloud

By supplying access to a global marketplace, industry expertise, solutions and enablement programs, we empower organizations to purchase, provision, manage and invoice cloud technologies with confidence and ease. Businesses can get up and running with cloud in minutes, with little to no investment, enabling them to deliver bundled services, up-sell and cross sell and manage their systems more efficiently.

Ingram Micro Cloud invites resellers and vendors to partner with us and join this exciting digital revolution. We offer solutions for security, business applications, cloud enablement services, communication & collaboration and infrastructure to help our partners monetize and manage the entire lifecycle of cloud services, business systems and IoT subscriptions – all designed to simplify digital transformation with confidence, speed and agility.

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