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Explore Infinite potential at Ingram Micro Cloud Summit

Revolutionary Thinking: Two Words I Avoid and Two I Use Often (Part 1 of 4)

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I’m not the first to admit it, but I talk a lot about cloud. In my role as EVP of Ingram Micro Cloud, I’m asked to speak on the subject frequently. And honestly, I enjoy it. I’m enthusiastic about the topic, and I love hearing from our partners about how they’re using cloud in their practices. Even so, when I’m preparing a presentation, there are two words I never use anymore – and two words I find myself using more and more often.

What’s Out: Disruption and Transformation

Disruption. Transformation. We hear these two words bantered about constantly in phrases such as digital disruption, innovative disruption, digital transformation and transformation technology. Did you know digital transformation even has its own acronym – DX?

In addition to being so overused to the point of being cliché, these two words don’t reflect our current state. Both words convey we’re in the process of something, that something is happening. If we believe that, we can stop and wait for “it” to happen and then jump onboard. But therein lies the danger. The cloud is here. It’s no longer in progress; it’s already here to stay. Wait too long to embrace it and you’ll quickly be left behind.

What’s In: Infinite and Potential

Infinite. Potential. Two extraordinarily powerful words. Infinite – endless, without limits. Potential – everything we’re capable of doing or being.

Infinite and potential are relevant to any discussion of cloud because they represent the reality – as in, it’s right here, right now. I’m not saying cloud won’t continue to evolve and expand — and yes, even disrupt and transform – but the point is it’s already doing that. In big ways.

Is Cloud the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Cloud’s infinite potential could very well represent the fourth industrial revolution, with an importance second only to steel. I’ll delve deeper into why I believe this to be true in follow-up posts, and you’ll hear similar messaging at our upcoming Ingram Micro Cloud Summit. But one of the major reasons, and one that’s of critical importance to Ingram Micro Cloud partners, is that cloud frees up capital for companies to do more. Your company and your customers’ companies. Doing more. It’s downright revolutionary.

Say yes to the Infinite by joining us at Ingram Micro Cloud Summit in Boca Raton, Florida, from April 30 – May 2, 2018.

About Author

Nimesh Davé

Nimesh Davé
Executive Vice President, Global Cloud, Ingram Micro

As a member of the executive team for the world’s largest technology distributor and supply-chain services provider, Davé is responsible for designing and implementing harmonized global business practices throughout the organization and architecting world-class solutions to meet our diverse customer needs.

Prior to joining Ingram Micro, Davé served as senior vice president of commercial operations, strategy and supply chain solutions for Tech Data Europe. In this role, he led several major transformation initiatives and spearheaded the formation of a supply chain services division. Before taking on the operations and strategy role, Davé held senior executive roles in information technology in the Americas and Europe, where he led major ERP, infrastructure and commerce application deployments.

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