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Apr 07


Manage your organization's data efficiently in today's digital world

Managing Your Organization’s Data in a Digital World

In today’s fast-paced, digital environment, organizations are going through digital transformations that inevitably depend on and result in more data—in fact, every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data gets created. Enterprises need help to manage all this data better, or risk drowning in it. Period.

Luckily there are tools to help ensure you’re effectively controlling your organization’s data. Here are a few questions to ask:

How Can I Better Understand My Data?

Do you know what data you have? What about where it exists, how many copies there are, and whether every copy is necessary? Organizations need to know if their data is subject to regulation or legal hold, or if it’s just junk data that’s taking up space. Being able to answer these questions allows enterprises to effectively manage their data the right way, freeing up storage space and reducing exposure to risk.

This is where global data visibility comes in. The right tools, like data management solutions from Ingram Micro Cloud partner Veritas, can help organizations understand their data. This includes shedding a light on the 52% of data that’s currently dark—or by definition, not managed by policy. They can also help reduce the 33% of redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data that typically exists, plus move the 41% of data that hasn’t been touched in 3 years or longer¹. The result? You free up precious storage resources and dramatically reduce the cost and risk exposure to the business.

How Can I Better Manage My Data?

Once you better understand your data, managing it optimally is a matter of policy. Organizations should have the freedom to choose when and where data moves in order to optimize for performance, agility, lower costs, recoverability, and compliance. Organizations should also be free to move data throughout their infrastructure without sacrificing visibility or increasing management complexity.

And that’s where tools from Veritas, with their partnership with Microsoft, become particularly valuable. Veritas solutions connect seamlessly to the Microsoft cloud environment—including Azure storage and Office 365—to give customers the tools they need to better manage their data. From Veritas products such as NetBackup and Backup Exec, which leverage new Azure storage connectors to move data to the cloud as an extension of the data protection strategy, to the Enterprise Vault.cloud SaaS application that’s now migrating to Azure infrastructure, Veritas serves more than 86% of enterprise organizations today.

Help your customers get their data under control. Learn more about available data management tools and the partnership between Veritas and Microsoft by contacting your Ingram Micro representative.


¹ The Global Databerg Report, March 2016.