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Mar 28


New Blog Series: Build a Profitable Cloud Business in 8 Steps

8 Steps to Help Channel Partners Build and Execute a Profitable Cloud Business


Everybody wants to be in the cloud, right? Chances are your sales team is on the phone nearly every day with decision makers looking for cloud solutions for specific business challenges. So why are so many value added resellers (VARs) and managed services providers (MSPs) struggling with profitability and rising operational costs in an IT landscape where cloud is most definitely king?

Over the past decade, Ingram Micro has explored that question with the goal of helping our partners develop the best go-to-market plan for selling cloud services. We have found that there isn’t a single magic bullet, but rather eight steps based on best practices that add up to more successful cloud sales, marketing, profitability, and business growth. And over the next eight days, this blog will discuss each step to illustrate how the channel can capitalize on the growth opportunities in the cloud services market and accelerate their business.

The following eight steps have been used at Ingram Micro to build and execute our own successful cloud marketing plan:

  1. Build your solution
  2. Choose vendor partners
  3. Develop a pricing model
  4. Establish KPIs as lead indicators
  5. Conduct financial planning and analysis
  6. Build operational processes
  7. Develop a marketing strategy
  8. Enable the sales team

As you read each post, you’ll notice some common themes running throughout, such as the need to be proactive in cloud sales and marketing rather than reactive to every customer request. You’ll learn why it’s important to build a disciplined cloud sales model that aligns and scales with your business as it grows. Most of all, you’ll discover ways to gain optimal profitability from selling cloud services, as well as reduce operational costs.

Sound good? Then let’s get started with “Step One: Build Your Solution.

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