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Tips and Tricks to Increase B2B Social Media Engagement


Aug, 16

Tips and Tricks to Increase B2B Social Media Engagement

Do you engage with your customers on social media, and more importantly, are you doing it effectively? While it’s relatively easily to get likes and shares on posts, it takes a little more strategy and creativity to establish quality online engagement and interaction with your customers and potential prospects. When a consumer visits your website, LinkedIn, or other social sites, they will often decide within a few seconds whether or not they want to do business with you. Business-to-business social media marketing is no longer a fad—it’s now a critical piece needed to survive and thrive in this digitally-driven B2B landscape.

In order to build brand awareness online, here are some helpful tips to help amp up your B2B social media game.

  1. Be a thought leader- Businesses that position themselves as credible sources and subject matter experts on social media will generally have stronger relationships with their customers and produce greater sales leads. Cloud Echo helps you position your brand as a valued contributor of relevant information and vertical-specific news by supplying you with the content and platform needed to effectively promote yourself as a thought leader online.
  2. Always be on- In this hyper-connected world, the consumer never goes to sleep. With mobile and social driving this unlimited connectivity, posts need to be shared at all hours of the day to generate greater traffic and maximize engagement from your followers. Since maintaining a constant social media presence can be hard to achieve for any business, Cloud Echo allows users to instantly post with a click of a button or pre-schedule updates across multiple social platforms for any time of the day—one-time or recurring.
  3. Engage in the conversation- Add value to your business and enhance customer relationships through direct engagement. This can be as simple as asking a question to your audience or replying to a comment, and offers an excellent way to fully extend your personality and brand beyond that pane of glass. Through Cloud Echo, once a user identifies the content they wish to share, they can easily add a customized note to the post and send it to their designated social profiles with a click of a button. Once posted, Cloud Echo will notify the user of any traction from the post so they can react and engage accordingly.
  4. Fully Optimize your Social Profiles- It is vital that a business fully leverage and drive content to every social profile they own. An incomplete or outdated profile—no matter what the platform—is a poor representation of your brand and could generate negative reactions from customers and potential prospects. To help alleviate the labor and efforts of managing multiple social accounts at once, Cloud Echo allows users to seamlessly navigate and tackle this task through a single dashboard. Users can send content to multiple profiles within seconds, lending more time for them to focus on closing deals and building customer relationships.

These easy social media tips will go a long way toward enhancing your B2B brand, reinforcing your advisor status, and building your customer base.

Tap into the power of social and establish your business in the cloud through Cloud Echo today! For more information, please visit: http://www.ingrammicrocloud.com/echo

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