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Service Providers Reduce Back Office Costs with IDSync®


Jan, 16

Service Providers Reduce Back Office Costs with IDSync®

Active Directory Integration for Ingram Micro Marketplace Applications

For companies both big and small, the backbone of their core organizational processes point to its back office, and without this support, running a business effectively can be the most daunting of tasks. However, despite its vast benefits, back office tasks can take up a considerable amount of time and effort—whether it’s accounting and billing or staying organized with customer details and contact information. While there’s no question a company’s growth and profitability can rely greatly on its back office functions, businesses often lack the capable back office technology to help streamline processes and enhance operational efficiencies. Resellers making the switch to the cloud particularly need  ways to stay organized and up-to-date to ensure strategic business decisions are being made and customer satisfaction is met during their business transition.

Ingram Micro Cloud understands these business challenges and has partnered with Ohio-based InnerApps to offer IDSync® on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace to offer  IDSync® Billing Studio and IDSync® Hosted Exchange. IDSync® Billing Studio supports the integration of professional service automation (PSA) tools, ConnectWise and Autotask with the Cloud Marketplace for simplified billing while IDSync® Hosted Exchange, leverages Active Directory user identity information to securely transfer user data and passwords between Active Directory and Hosted Exchange. Both solutions offer easy new user onboarding and  provide user information, contact, and distribution synchronization features that help leverage a competitive advantage in the Hosted Exchange market.

“Channel partners on the Cloud Marketplace can now improve the security of Active Directory identity data, make logins more convenient for end users, reduce help desk tickets, and save 95% of the efforts associated with provisioning and identity maintenance issues,” stated Marty Rini, Vice President of Sales, InnerApps.  “Strong Active Directory integration is an important feature of any cloud solution, especially in the larger accounts where invitationto the RFQ process is a requirement. In this highly competitive world of email hosting, IDSync represents a significant advantage for resellers, helping them secure both larger deals and higher win rates, overall.”

End customers who use  IDSync® enjoy the following advantages:

  • The Microsoft Active Directory Identity Management platform takes advantage of existing Active Directory data and allows easy provisioning, enablement, disablement, and synchronization of user passwords and metadata between Active Directory and the hosted environment.
  • Automated password and user metadata synchronization from Active Directory to the Cloud Marketplace, providing a single password experience for end users.
  • Synchronized Hosted Exchange, distribution lists, and contact information are updated in real-time, increasing the value of Exchange and eliminating manual or batch file techniques and efforts.
  • Intergrated with ConnectWise and Autotask to automate billing integration from the Cloud Marketplace to the PSA system, eliminating redundant data entry and providing a seamless invoicing process.
  • Support for Windows Server 2008 through 2012 R2 (32 and 64-bit).

“Channel partners transitioning into the cloud are experiencing rapid business growth and need a solution that streamlines their workflow,” said Jason Bystrak, executive director, North America, Ingram Micro Cloud. “With IDSync on our automated Cloud Marketplace, channel partners can easily integrate billing functionality onto their professional services automation platform, saving them time in their customer management activities.”

Ingram Micro channel partners currently activated on the Cloud Marketplace can immediately begin using IDSync® solutions today. Resellers who are interested but not currently on the Cloud Marketplace can enroll through our free channel program, Ingram Micro Cloud Elevate and gain instant access to the Cloud Marketplace as well as educational materials and business transformation tools.

What’s Next?

We will be announcing the launch of new cloud solutions on the Cloud Marketplace over the next few months on CloudTalk. If you have questions, feel free to email us at IMCloudServiceDesk@cloud.im or call (800) 705-7057 for more information.  

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