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Security Explained, for Non-security Minded People Part 2


Jan, 16

Security Explained, for Non-security Minded People Part 2

To recap: I recommend aligning with vendors that offer email and web security solutions as every one of your end customers rely upon email and Internet. Additionally, if you have customers with a public facing website, there are additional solutions to protect themselves and their visitors from vulnerabilities. At Ingram Micro Cloud, we offer resources to assist with identifying which vendors best suit you and your customer’s specific needs.

If your customers work in highly regulated industries like banking, healthcare, and finance, then message archiving (the storing of emails over long periods of time for legal records) and email encryption are solutions you should recommend. We’ll discuss the importance of these solutions in today’s blog post and explain why obtaining a mechanism to protect sensitive information and a long term storage option are so important.

A few security concepts currently growing in popularity are SSO (single sign on), MFA (multi-factor authentication), and MDM (mobile device management). Until the recent rise of cloud and its managed services structure, the value of these solutions were unaffordable for most businesses. SSO allows IT Administrators to better manage users and access to websites and networks. For example, an IT Administrator would create and assign roles within the SSO console to manage access to applications for users who work in differing functions like sales, accounting, operations, and development. If a user leaves the company, the IT Administrator can delete the profile revoking access to all applications. SSO is therefore a security mechanism and an efficiency gain for both IT Administrators and users due to ease of access and revocability.

Multi-factor authentication is another recommended solution that requires two forms of authenticity to gain access to an application or a website. Debit cards are a great example of multi-factor authentication since it requires insertion of the card itself and a PIN code in order to access an account. Applying the same logic to accessing systems and applications, MFA solutions also require insertion of identification information and a code, which can be randomly generated via text message. Many attacks can be prevented with MFA, and when combined with single sign on and mobile device management solutions, can be bundled by IT solution providers for their customers for approximately $4 per user per month.

Take the Next Step

Over the last few blog posts, we’ve discussed concepts that should resonate with MSPs. We’ve covered that:

  1. End customers need to effectively manage their security posture.
  2. Security is intimidating and confusing to end customers.
  3. The majority of IT Solution Providers merely resell security equipment while offering very little additional service to aid in the efficacy of the solution.

There is a tremendous opportunity for existing and emerging MSPs to capitalize on the high demand within the security market. By partnering up with Ingram Micro to develop a go-to-market strategy and implementing a combination of solid customer relationship management, selling, and value-driven conversation, explaining the complexities of security to your end customers becomes much easier. Get in touch with us by emailing cloud@ingrammicro.com or calling us at 800-705-7057.

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